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Whatever Happened to Comrade Sian?

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:09 am    Post subject: Whatever Happened to Comrade Sian? Reply with quote

Perhaps Sian Davies' life was destabilised when her father Alun, a GP committed suicide in 1970 when she was 17. Yet a promising future must have been foreseen for her.

According to the Daily Mail she grew up in Llanelli. Other sources give Tregaron. Perhaps both are right for different times in her youth. Pictures show that she enjoyed riding lessons.

She must have done exceptionally well academically. After attending Cheltenham Ladies' College, she went to Aberystwyth University, and was later accepted to do a Master's degree at the London School of Economics at a time when 'there were lots of strange groups around', that naïve students were attracted to.

Sian was in the same year as Cherie Booth. They did not move in the same circles but knew of each other. Cherie also exhibited a weakness for outré ideas such as rebirthing therapy and still does.

It was a time of student activism. It was not that long ago that students in Paris had been hurling cobblestones at the police. In Essex University students had thought it clever to run riot and scrawl the immortal words, 'Don't Just Stand There - Wank' on the wall.

The LSE especially was a hive of revolutionary activity. It was a time when middle aged people often became violently angry if their sons had hair slightly longer than their fathers' or their daughters wore jeans. It was obvious to the thinking young that this level of intolerance about trivial things should not be emulated.

The idea grew that to liberate society and to cure people of their hang ups, the traditional family should be dismantled. It was more natural, more desirable to live in a commune.

In 'The Female Eunuch' Germaine Greer fantasised about living in a commune where childcare would be one of the communal activities. Her hypothetical child need not even know that she was its mother. She didn't think there would be anything cruel about it.

At this time some of the Soviet Bloc countries including Russia had a quite bleak and unadventurous attitude to sex. But few of us knew that. It was almost as if the countries on the other side of the Berlin Wall had slid off the edge of the world.

Communism was never demonised here as it was in the USA, but it was still quite daring to embrace it. It showed that you would not allow yourself to be pushed around by 'squares.'

The Daily Mail thought that the young Sian Davies was beautiful. In her graduation picture she has long loose fair hair under her mortar board which is quite attractive, but the expression on her face is intense, almost sullen.

Or is it just that she was 'quiet and shy' as the other students thought? Yet she was even more open to radical politics than her more outgoing peers.

A charismatic figure known to his intimates as Comrade Bala had come from Singapore to study at the LSE in the 60s. In Sian's student days he was at the helm of a group called The Workers' Institute in Brixton.

He persuaded those who hoped for personal transformation that he could control their minds and 'scrub them clean of their bourgeois culture and lifestyle.' It didn't take him long to wash Sian's mind. She donated to the group her £50, 000 inheritance from her father.

Comrade Bala claimed to be a Maoist. At first he probably quoted the little red book incessantly and spoke of perpetual revolution. But while he admired Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot, he envied them too.

When Edward Heath visited China, school children greeted him with the chant, ''Chairman Mao will live forever!'' Mao's image was everywhere. It was as if he was a god.

Comrade Bala's love hate relationship with Mao became pure hatred. Why couldn't he command devotion like that? It wasn't fair! Or perhaps he could.

He was now running a commune in the Lambeth area. One of the inmates and groupies was Sian. He also had his wife Chanda as part of the group. A truly devoted member was Josephine 'Josie' Herival, the daughter of John Herival who had worked with Turing on cracking the Enigma code.

Josie had been a musical prodigy. She had come form Belfast to study at the Royal College of Music before she drifted into left wing activism.

Comrade Bala was a Jekyll and Hyde character. His professed ideology was transformed over time although his obsession with control was not. He decided he wanted no men in the commune and drove them away.

The women had been godless Communists when they entered. But now he said, ''I am the Christ. Follow me.''

Soon they believed he was literally a god who was immortal, could read their thoughts, and had a supernatural power called 'Jackie' which enabled him to cause natural disasters if he was thwarted in any way.

The women would stand round him in a semi circle for three or four hours while he declaimed what they probably took for sublime wisdom. While his wife Chanda was in hospital with problems caused by diabetes, he took the opportunity to tell the other women that he could kill them by pushing a pressure point in their necks.

That was enough to persuade Sian to have sexual relations with him. He forced himself physically on some of the others.

Sian had sometimes spoken to her cousin Emyr Morgan on the phone. She sounded stilted and guarded as if she was anxious to say the right thing, and as if there was someone listening in the background.

Sian had later broken off relations with her family. Her mother Ceri hired a private detective to trace her. She took to wandering the streets of Lambeth herself in the desperate hope that she would catch sight of Sian in the street.

Chanda returned from hospital. It became obvious that Sian's waistline was expanding but no one took any notice. It was only when her waters broke that Comrade Bala called an ambulance.

When she returned from hospital with a baby girl, Chanda was furious. Comrade Bala convinced her that the baby was the result of 'electronic warfare.' It made a change from the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

The baby, then known as Rosie Davies, had a birth certificate but she never saw a doctor or a dentist. Later, she did not go to nursery or school although she did learn to read. She developed a strange gait as she never or hardly ever went out of the house.

Her main carer was the woman known to her as Comrade Sian, but she had no idea that she was her mother. She loathed Comrade Sian as she was 'extra nasty' to her in order to prove to Comrade Bala that she was not attached to the child.

Rosie also had no idea that Comrade Bala was her father. Comrade Sian taught her that he was a god, the star round which they revolved. She was told that the outside world was full of fascist agents and literal monsters.

The comrades were told to react with violence if Rosie tried to hug them. So she tried to befriend the rats and mice that infested the grimy commune and to turn them into pets.

Rosie watched other kids playing in the adjoining gardens but there was never any question of having friends. When Comrade Bala saw her near the front door, he suspected she was contemplating escape. So he stood on her face and kicked her in the head.

Later Rosie was required to keep a diary detailing all her thoughts and actions including visits to the bog. She would record, 'Comrade Bala says I am 89% super idiot' or that she was 'Number One criminal' for coining words. Only he was allowed to do that.

Somewhat unreasonably, he became violently incensed when she manifested signs of puberty eg bleeding regularly and developing breasts which he threatened to cut off. An escape was available in the Lord of the Rings series and the Harry Potter books.

So Rosie retreated mentally to Middle Earth or Hogwarts. In the circumstances, it was probably a wise move.

By this time, the communards who had been literally raped had long since escaped, leaving a core of true believers. Yet no one answered Ceri Davies' piteous appeals to help her find Sian.

Comrade Sian was thinking aloud more and more. She was now convinced she was the Devil. In late 1996, Rosie saw her lying bound and gagged on the living room floor.

The next day which was Christmas Eve, Rosie saw Comrade Sian lying on the concrete thirty feet below the bathroom window. She heard Comrade Sian mouth to Comrade Bala, ''Kill me''.

Comrade Sian was left paraplegic. Her family in Wales knew nothing of this. They were told that she was travelling in India and 'sent her love.'

She was taken to hospital where she died in the summer of 1997. The coroner thought her death a 'mystery' and recorded an open verdict.

Nobody thought it necessary to investigate if foul play had been involved.

Her cousins Emyr and Eleri Morgan were critical of Lambeth social services for not letting them know that she had had a child.

Ceri had heard rumours of it but people who knew Sian told her it was not true. Ceri died in 2003 without ever knowing for sure that she had a granddaughter.

Quite remarkably, this opportunity to bust Comrade Bala's commune was passed up. We don't really know if he had literally got away with murder. Bu he remained king in his own little world.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:31 am    Post subject: What Katy Did Next Reply with quote

Rosie had never liked Comrade Sian when she was alive, but she was affected by her death. Her feelings for her intensified and softened after she somehow found out that Comrade Sian had been her mother.

Comrade Sian appeared to her in dreams. Rosie would tell her, ''I didn't know you were my mum. I'd like to meet you as my mum.'' They would embrace. Immediately afterwards, Rosie would wake up and face horrible reality.

Rosie was now 13. From the age of 6, she had been forbidden to look out of the window though she obviously did. As a tiny child she had been severely beaten up, rather arbitrarily, for singing, 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.'

Maybe Comrade Bala thought it was now wiser to let her spread her wings a little. From the age of 16 she was sometimes escorted to the cinema by a trusted member of the collective.

But true freedom was as elusive as it had ever been. Rosie said she longed to escape but had no idea how to go about it. She was like a fly caught in a spider's web.

She did make a bolt for freedom in 2005 and found her way to a police station. But she had to go back as it was a bank holiday.

It was in 2013 that she found a refuge at the Palm Cove Society run by Yvonne and Gerald Hall who tackle modern day slavery. Comrade Bala's time was up.

It was only now that a DNA test confirmed to Rosie that he was her father. This may have been a horrible shock to her but she had almost certainly suspected it before from looking in the mirror - if the collective had mirrors. She has something of an Oriental appearance.

He was given 23 years in custody for his various provable crimes. Comrade Josie did not approve. She shouted from the public gallery, ''Shame on you!
Shame on you! You are imprisoning an innocent man!''

Of course, to Comrade Josie, whatever Comrade Bala chooses to do is by definition the right thing to do. A TV crew went round to the commune after the mysterious death of Comrade Sian.

A doughy pale Comrade Josie came out to say tonelessly ''Go away! You are agents of the fascist state!'' She didn't sound as if she meant it but she did.

Comrade Josie is Stockholm Syndrome personified. She doesn't think so of course.

She and Comrade Chanda still think the sun shines out of Comrade Bala 's arse. They are probably alone in that opinion.

A newspaper that said that he was a narcissist and a psychopath was surely right. But the journalist who described him as a lunatic may have got him wrong.

After all, it's unlikely he believed his own propaganda. He just said whatever was necessary to fuel his power trip.

As he is 75 now, he is unlikely ever to come out of prison. Rosie said she forgave him. Emyr Morgan feels differently. He says he hopes he rots in prison.

At first Rosie refused to meet her mother's family. Now she has had a change of heart.

She now goes by the name Katy Morgan-Davies. Katy is after Katy Perry whose song 'Roar' inspired her, and Morgan-Davies intensifies the link to her mother's family whom she hopes to form a bond with.

Eleri Morgan said, ''Let him be locked up for a change. I'm just looking forward to getting on with the rest of my life and of Katy's and getting to know her better. I'm going to take her over to Wales. She wants to see where her mother lived.''

In court, Katy came over as eloquent but unworldly, often quoting the Lord of the Rings books which did much to form her mental world. Although very intelligent, she lacks all outdoor practical skills - such as navigating from A to B, crossing the road responsibly, and travelling by bus.

Now that the 'invisible handcuffs' have been removed, she has to adjust to real life as most people know it. Good luck, Katy!
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 4:03 am    Post subject: Retrospective Reply with quote

What lessons, if any, can we draw from the above story?

I said, when discussing slavery at Cariad Farm, that generally, the less intelligent a person is, the more suggestible they will be.

This is not the only truth. It is possible to abuse a good intellect to persuade yourself that something is the revealed truth, when a person of average intelligence would see at once that it is absolute crap.

People who appear to be highly intelligent on paper often have no common sense at all.

It's good to approach other people's ideas with an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out.

People who say they can liberate you sometimes want to enslave you instead.

There's no point in throwing off the unhelpful entrenched ideas you grew up with, if you are just going to replace them with a steaming new pile of gobshite.

We would be less in danger from the wiles of a stranger if our own kin and kith were more fun to be with.

Study ideologies critically - and then ideally reject them. We need values not rules.

Familiarise yourself with the give away signs of narcissism and psychopathy. You will be forewarned and forearmed.

If anyone tells you that they are God, it's not a drill. Run for the hills.
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