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White Book of Carmarthen - Llyfr Gwyn Caerfyrddin

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:08 am    Post subject: White Book of Carmarthen - Llyfr Gwyn Caerfyrddin Reply with quote

( See - www.cymdeithasycymod.org.uk - http://www.ifor-mir.org/ - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Fellowship_of_Reconciliation )


Repwblic has no formal links with this White Book of Carmarthen campaign, any more than Repwblic has any formal links with Cardiff Bay Republican Day where in 2011 we performed " Yr Ardystiad " - but then in describing the latter ( more than a year after the event to which MWC was invited but did not come and which was extensively recounted at the time on the " Yr Ardystiad " thread ) MWC's reporter Martin Shipton insinuated that Repwblic.org was a sinister organisation whose secret leader had administered bizarre oaths of allegiance to induct Assembly Members Leanne Wood and Bethan Jenkins into a conspiratorial relationship with Balchder Cymru ... that notorious terrorist group who are waging revolutionary warfare somewhere else in Wales or at least in the Wales of some other people's fantasies ... Martin Shipton also published a second article on the same theme attacking Jill Evans MEP for attending the 2011 December rally at Cilmeri which is an open event run on similar lines as Cardiff Bay Republican Day, each more or less upon the ( now century old ) ' New Republican ' principles of ' Open Conspiracy ' - i.e. everybody comes along and makes their own contributions and should be treated with courtesy if not respect ... like this signing of the White Book of Carmathen event in Bridgend on 03 / 11 / 12 where after an introduction by Jane Harries who conducted the meeting for Cymdeithas Y Cymod, Dr Mererid Hopwood gave a really excellent speech ( as you might expect from a notable poet ) followed by speeches by Jill Evans MEP and Mayor of Bridgend Cllr Marlene Thomas - and then the appreciative audience all gathered round and signed their names in blood ... alright alright ... in biro was it ? ... to pledge themselves to the following words :

" By signing my name in the White Book, I commit myself to work for peace in the world."

Yes - you've guessed it - it was another one of those bizarre oaths of allegiance that drew yet more elected politicians into a conspiratorial relationship with Cymdeithas Y Cymod, the subversive Welsh organisation which is part of IFOR - the notorious international network of revolutionaries who are terrorizing the democratic governments of the free world by waging peace, fully armed with pots of tea, plates of biscuits and very politely argued reasons for not killing people in order to pursue one's own political interests. Nor was it just a couple of politicians from Plaid and Lafur that were there - they were outnumbered by republicans i.e. there were others besides myself there, apparently because of there being a CND exhibition on display celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the defeat of the Bridgend Bunker.

( P.S. - The Well Well Well ... http://www.cndcymru.org/ ... perhaps MWC can now link CND CYMRU to some violent terrorist group using the fact that Jill Evans MEP is presently appearing on the right hand side of their website's banner - GOSH !!! CND's logo looks just a bit like Balchder Cymru's !!! All you have to do is just hold it upside down and squint at it drunkenly in a darkened place such as just down that alleyway off Wood Street, Cardiff ... )

This event was reported thus ( - http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/south-wales-news/bridgend-maesteg/2012/11/08/signing-up-for-peace-91466-32186259/ - )

" A host of dignitaries signed the White Book of Carmarthen at the Bridgend Quaker house on Park Street on Saturday, before another 60 people penned their names at the Tabernacl Chapel the following day.

The hand-crafted book – inspired by the 750-year-old Black Book of Carmarthen – is touring Wales collecting signatories calling for world peace.

Last week the White Book was signed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Cardiff and this weekend borough mayor councillor Marlene Thomas, poet and chairman of the Carmarthen group of the Fellowship of Reconciliation Dr Mererid Hopwood and Jill Evans MEP followed in his footsteps in Bridgend."

Fairly accurate I guess ? Except please note how I was there at both Cardiff Bay Republican Day with Leanne Wood and Bethan Jenkins and Cilmeri last year with Jill Evans - each where AM's who have signed this book have recently been damned for being in the proximity of sinister republican groups - and yet here is Jill Evans at yet another event where myself and other republicans are present as participants and we are all NOW described as being part of " a host of dignitaries " - surely that was rather inconsistent reporting on the part of MWC ?

Now MWC and Martin Shipton generally rely upon press releases ( and do not even read those ) and so they do not report the news - they often make it up, and they know nothing of what Republicanism in Wales is really like : Republican Democracy is very much like Mererid Hopwood writ large, and for all I know - in view of what she said - she may well be a ' White ' Republican Democrat too - she certainly seems to be in her political values at least.

Mererid Hopwood very kindly gave me the xeroxed copy of the poem that she had quoted from in her speech, and if you want a sense of what ' White ' Republican Democratic values are then you might put the questions in this famous poem by Waldo Wiliams to yourself :


Beth yw byw ? Cael neuadd fawr
Rhyng cyfyng furiau.
Beth yw adnabod ? Cael un gwraidd
Dan y canghennau.

Beth yw credu ? Gwarchod tref
Nes dyfod derbyn .
Beth yw maddau ? Cael ffordd trwy'r drain
At ochr hen elyn.

... well it goes on like this for six verses and you can listen to the first bit of it here if you don't know the sounds of Welsh and are curious to hear a snippet ( - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/cymru-gwynfor/id175121367?affId=1215289&i=175121632 - ) the part seized upon by Mererid Hopwood was the question as to " what is it to arm ? "( i.e. weaponise ) and the answer provided is to put a knife in the hand of a baby ( - that is not a word perfect translation.*)

THE POEM IS BY WALDO WILLIAMS - I was getting a little troubled by copywright, but this person seems to be untroubled and s/he has copied both the poem and the translation by Tony Conran so I am relieved of some of my anxiety about that by sending the reader to - http://colecizj.easyvserver.com/powilpab.htm - THE WORDS FROM IT THAT STRIKE ME ARE " WHAT IS PATRIOTISM ? - KEEPING A HOUSE WITHIN A CLOUD OF WITNESSES " - that seems close to me to what Republicanism is supposed to be like : signing the White Book of Carmarthen makes ourselves visible to future generations and it is an action which also bears witness to those past generations who testified to their moral and ethical values before us - this is in effect yet another way to perform " Yr Ardystiad," with the signing of a book instead of the touching of a flag.

( ... casual readers may wish to look at the adjacent topic thread " Yr Ardystiad " - http://repwblic.informe.com/yr-ardystiad-campaign-against-the-treason-felony-act-1848-dt438.html )

Dr Mererid Hopwood

Mayor Marlene Thomas

Jill Evans MEP

dai / David B Lawrence

A SYMBOL OF PEACE & CONVIVIALITY - which we then promptly stabbed with a knife ...



It is a nasty trick of politcos to hi-jack other people's work on single issue campaigns in order to use their gathering momentum for a particular demand to support more generalised arguments for political reform or even worse to represent somebody else's individual initiative as being associated with and supplementary to your own organisation's political programme - and I hope that I have not done this above : it is just that it is natural for Republicans who aspire to lay everything under the rule of law in order to secure justice and peace throughout the world to wish to attend such an event and to subscribe to such a campaign as The White Book of Carmarthen. There was no Republican invited to speak at this event, although of course that did not stop me making my contribution.

I went to sign The White Book of Carmarthen at the Bridgend event because there was such a long queue of people at the Cardiff event in the Temple of Health and Peace that I gave up waiting because I was under pressure of time to be elsewhere. At the Cardiff event one of the invited speakers was a Republican - Sara, one of the contributors to Cardiff Bay Republican Day's organisation - and she spoke to launch a campaign to oppose the recruitment of children by the military in schools : apparently this was one of the main attractions of the event which she helped to organise - yet her identity as a Republican was hushed up and her involvement marginalised. Now there is a certain paradox there - that those advocating peace and arguing that the basis of it is reconciliation should behave this way, that they and the elected politicians that they invite who talk constantly of listening to the political opinions of the oppressed and marginalised minorities of Wales, should shun such a significant minority of people holding this political opinion in Wales. To put it in ordinary terms - it is rather more than bad manners. Yet I hope that I am conscientious enough in writing the above that I am not guilty of the same, that like most Republicans my contributions on the day were to the point and not hi-jacking the event either to promote my self or to promote Repwblic.org, which would be bad manners. It seems to me to be perfectly obvious that a discussion of an event or issue in a ' republic of letters ' such as this does not imply in any way that an organisation such as IFOR or Cymdeithas Y Cymod has endorsed a Republican political viewpoint, any more than they have endorsed the political viewpoints of Plaid Cymru or the Labour Party - and yet they actually have members of these and other organisations as speakers at these events. The fact that this event took place in the Quaker Meeting House in Bridgend and was chaired by a Quaker and attended by Quakers and that Quakers signed the White Book of Carmarthen and that individual Quakers support this campaign hardly means that IFOR and CyC have endorsed Quakerism or made an alliance with the Religious Society of Friends - does it ?
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not with the intention of declaring IFOR to have a basis in Republicanism but in order to consider how much of IFOR's morality and ethics coincide with Republicanism's and therefore why it should receive endorsement, I thought that I would take a closer look at its history and activities -


Right from the beginning IFOR was deliberately crossing various religious divides which very much accords with Republicanism's emphasis upon the development of personal spirituality and the practice of public religion as a necessary human activity, that people need to express their individual experiences but then communally develop their understanding of the world that they live in : a well-grounded personal spirituality tempered with the record of communal understanding transmitted through a publicly conducted religion provides the all too often neglected private moral basis to underpin the ethical basis of politics. Already in the years leading up to World War Two IFOR had progressed beyond the narrow confines of its Christian origins to encounter the religious traditions of the rest of the world - it is inherent in the very nature of the project of seeking world peace that there should thus be parallels between it and Republicanism.

In both World Wars IFOR was associated with conscientious objectors facing persecution, but it went beyond mere passivism into true pacificism, its members were actively opposing injustice instead of merely resisting cooperating with it. Inevitably those politicians not wishing to be held to account for immoral and unethical policies denounced members of IFOR as having confused religion with politics, as if the two could ever be separated. In Republicanism politics is not treated merely as instrumental in excusing whatever interests politicians wish to pursue but as an activity progressing towards the moral and ethical reformation of society - therefore in Republican politics it has to be the case that people are actively encouraged to express their personal individual experiences in order to contribute to the collective social understanding which develops a unified public religion out of diverse private spiritualities : there can be no established state creed because the expectation is one of constant moral and ethical development arising out of religion as a collective social activity conducted as a response to the changing circumstances that people live in. The political responses of people are grounded in their experiences and understandings of the world - our morality derived from spirituality and religion precedes the ethicality that we derive from political ideologies and systems of government.

Ask yourself how you came to hold the beliefs that you hold : have you examined the emotions that underpins these ideas ? The very words that define the ideas that we think with are derived from centuries of social discourse and they have changed their meanings many times as people have argued out their understandings of the world and the words that they use to describe it : " republican " in the UK carries negative associations of violence after centuries of propaganda, despite its advocacy of peace which is to be achieved through equitable law and order securing justice for all. By definition," ide-ologies " wrestle with the meanings of words, there is no substantial difference between religious, political, philosophical or scientific ideologies : each define their own terms of reference and find meaningfulness in their own methods of inquiry. Republicanisms have repeatedly made claims of having succeeeded in constructing ideologies that can explain all other ideologies : the elusive philosophers' stone for Republicanism is The Meta-Ideology which can both explain itself and also all other ideologies - religious, political, scientific or philosophical and indeed also the muddled contradictory thinking of ordinary people as opposed to educated intellectuals.

So how might IFOR be characterised ideologically ? Well it appears to dodge the questions posed by Meta-Ideology by silently adopting that maxim that ' God unites, Theology divides ' which appears in various guises in all of the world's major religions, which is more simply expressed by atheists as being that it was ever love that united people together not intellectual agreement : indeed intellectual disagreement is the very seed of fruitful philosophical and scientific inquiry and therefore curiosity not hostility towards others must characterise that love which unites humanity. This demands tolerance of ideologies that may be found objectionable and even threatening and therefore non-violence is a necessary consequence and that requires a list of those things that should not be violated in order to define what non-violence is - and IFOR has such lists, it is an advocate of various rights which define the minimum of what constitutes a peaceful society. That brings IFOR very close to Republicanism in that both share in the advocacy of human rights but the latter has a more coherent set of reasons for doing so in its debates upon the nature of Meta-Ideology. Thus IFOR concerns itself not only with arguing against war and militarisation but also for women's and children's rights in civil society in times of ' peace ' when they are in fact subject to violence by men, as have men been subject to prejudice and violence by other men : Dr Martin Luther King was a member / supporter of IFOR as is Mairéad ( Corrigan ) Maguire.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


I thought that I would move on to reflect upon the present content of IFOR's website whose front page has the following description of its mission :


Founded in 1914 in response to the horrors of war in Europe, IFOR has taken a consistent stance against war and its preparation throughout its history. Perceiving the need for healing and reconciliation in the world, the founders of IFOR formulated a vision of the human community based upon the belief that love in action has the power to transform unjust political, social, and economic structures.

A bit vague and hopeful, how does IFOR intend to do this practically ?



IFOR members in post-conflict areas work to bring together all relevant actors to lay the foundations of a peaceful society within their communities and in border areas. The International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) organizes peace marhces to overcome the divisions between Thailand and Cambodia’s border. In Burundi, Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Services (THARS), focuses on psychological accompainment for the community in the transitional justice process, to support the initiative to establish the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Burundi.


All IFOR members work within their communities to provide people with means of nonviolent conflict transformation. They organize trainings, seminars and workshops on active nonviolence and conflict managenet, as well as literacy classes and vocational trainings for disadvantaged women and youth. The International Secretary organizes and is invited to take part in international conferences on sensitive geopolitical issues.


FOR USA, FOR Sweden and FOR Austria support human rights development in Colombia by providing accompainment in conflict zones,hosting international tours of Colombian peace advocates and calling for the respect of coscientious objectors’ rights. Servicio Paz y Justicia defends rights of indigenous peoples in Costa Rica and Paraguay by monitoring violations and supporting indigenous movements.


IFOR supports sustainable access to financial services as a tool to fight poverty and hunger. BASTOB in Bangladesh implements Micro-finance programs that allow the development of men and women small entrepreneurships. In 2010, almost 10.000 people benefited from the project. Anando, in Bangladesh, organizes trainings on business improvement, tailoring and agricultural methods, as well as courses on legal aid on mixed food preparation to improve health conditions.


IFOR initiates and supports campaigns and actions for non-proliferation, disarmament and human rights protection:

FOR Wales campaigns against the use of drones;
MIR Italy supports the disarmament of the military bases on the island of Sardegna;
FOR Japan takes action against nuclear proliferation and defends the article 9 of the Japanese Constitution which denounces war and its preparation.

That's promising, but not mentioned above is the following which is really the sort of thing that we might hope to see as fundamental to a republican education in Wales as the child's first introduction in school to being a citizen - to put an an end to the persisting UK indoctrination of children into their subordination to military, industrial, political and religious authority and to develop them into autonomous questioning individuals who can independently progress towards their full possession of personal moral and ethical responsibility and thus their future participation in collectively developing our shared conceptionalisation of the Res Publica in Wales.


Nonviolent Education Program (NVE)

IFOR’s NVE program is aiming at supporting sustainable implementation of nonviolence/nonviolent education, peace education and violence prevention in compulsory kindergarten and school education and thus consequent implementation of Children’s Rights.

With the ratification of the Convention of the Rights of the Child nearly all states are obliged to “undertake all appropriate legislative, administrative, and other measures for the implementation of the rights recognized in the present Convention“ (Art. 4 CRC). Although CRC and many school laws are underpinning children´s rights to non-violent, gender-sensitive education and care nor on international nor on national levels hardly any measures can be found to introduce systematic non-violent education as an integral part of public education (Füssinger 2012):

Development of key competence of children allowing „responsible life in a free society, in the spirit of understanding, peace, tolerance, equality of sexes, and friendship among all peoples, ethnic, national and religious groups and persons of indigenous origin, (...) the development of respect for the natural environment“ (Art. 29 d, e CRC) is mostly included in laws and curricula but excluded from the systematic and sustainable education planning, implementation and evaluation of educational measures.

Sustainable, systematic and continuing non-violent education, peace education, violence prevention, human rights education are still in most countries optional as well in teacher education as well as in pre-primary and primary education. Teachers are neither prepared to systematically and sustainably plan, implement and evaluate children’s key competences nor prepared to systematically develop a non-violent, child-friendly environment.

NVE aims at implementing measures allowing systematic and sustainable implementation of children’s rights to non-violent education and Pre-Study on the development of a competence model for teacher education allowing sustainable implementation of state’s responsibility for education in line with children´s rights to non-violent education.

[ A FURTHER THOUGHT UPON THIS MATTER OF PROPOSING A REPUBLICAN EDUCATION SYSTEM IN WALES WHOSE OBJECTIVE IS TO CREATE CITIZENS NOT WAGE SLAVES OR CANNON FODDER - in Wales we share the same evil political and educational system that feeds the sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland : on the one hand politicians dismiss the relevance of religion in public life in order to evade moral criticism of their unethical behaviour and attack any such religious criticism of their divisive policies by consigning religious beliefs to the sphere of private convictions not public concerns and damn them as superstitious ; but on the other hand they give taxpayers' money to fund sectarian religious schools which both illustrates an utter contradiction involved in that view of religion as a private superstition which can yet be publicly funded by taxpayers who not only do not subscribe to those religious beliefs but may strongly object to them - and this cultivates within Welsh society potentially antagonistic sectarian divisions which a proper education about religion in which children learned to debate the merits of different religious traditions would dispel.

This not only threatens Wales with potentially the same problems that Northern Ireland has, it is arguably a policy of divide and rule in order to prevent the development of a publicly conducted religious life that offers moral and ethical criticism of politicians' behviour, and it may be considered to deliberately maintain the principle of authoritarianism that is the basis of the UK state in that religious leaders are paid out of public funds to rule their own enclaves of impressionable young minds, many of whom attend these schools because there is no other choice. Republicans are doubly opposed to this aspect of Welsh education : any religious observance is a private choice of action which is a matter of conscience and as such should not be enforced upon anybody anywhere - but teaching children to understand the world that they live in is a necessary public choice of action in order to educate them as citizens relating to other people in society, enabling them to contribute to public life and to participate constructively and cooperatively in the moral and ethical debates in which we collectively define our understanding of the Res Publica in Wales.

Sponsoring private sectarianism with public money is not merely contradictory but destructive - imagine Welsh taxpayers being made to both financially support sectarian political beliefs that they do not subscribe to and have their children daily indoctrinated into such beliefs at their most impressionable age on the basis that that particular party happens to predominate in their locale and wishes to continue to propagate itself there unchallenged - and this on the basis of deals done with other sectarian political parties each on the basis that they can maintain their control over their own part of our society : well that is what it is like being a Republican in Wales - we are vilified as political heretics !

As a demographic point : if half of the people living in Wales are supposedly Methodists, why are there no state schools of that denomination ? There are Anglican, Catholic and now Islamic schools sponsored with taxpayers' money and in theory with the new system of funding for ' academies ' in which wealthy people with weird beliefs can receive multiple amounts of match funding for their modest financial contributions whilst conventional state schools fight for taxpayers' money. There could well soon be new Jewish, Hindu, Mormon, Buddhist, Christian Evangelical, Jehovah's Witness's etc schools - not to mention that we already have Steiner schools with their obscure beliefs involving no proper science curriculum : this sort of thing is not properly education at all and is a recipe for creating the mutual ignorance which will lead to religious and political antagonisms and away from a peacefully reconciled society.]

SO ... On the one hand whilst religions can be good sources of moral and ethical values to hold politicians to account, a problem with them is that unless religion is framed in the Republican way as a public activity that collectively debates and actively develops common moral and ethical opinions within society, instead of being thought of as a private set of beliefs that must be maintained in the face of the evidence and can not be debated, then pious hopes for peace will not be realised because religious convictions ardently held that do not yield to collective criticism will become a source of conflict within and between societies - it is not possible to paper over the cracks by talking of God uniting and theology dividing society, these conflicts between private belief systems may not be obvious in religious contexts but their consequences are made obvious in political contexts which demand the negotiation of the differences between them. In effect, from a Republican point of view there is no such thing as a private religious belief - religion by definition involves the creation of public beliefs out of those private spiritualities whose reconciliation is the very business of making peace. This peace-making process is excluded from the political system of the United Kingdom and therefore from the political debate in Wales, but not perhaps from the activities of IFOR.
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

( IT TURNED OUT THAT I FAILED SOMEHOW TO POST THE DETAILS OVER THE COMMENTARY ... SORRY ... the event is advertised as follows on the front page of Swansea Quaker's website as being at Pagefield House Page Street, SA1 4EZ

Make a commitment to Peace - Sign the Llyfr Gwyn (White Book of Carmarthen) on 18th February 2013 at the Quaker Meeting House - Programme of poetry, music and readings begins at 7.30pm

and described on http://www.swanseaquakers.org/page0/page0.html

The book is an initiative of Cymdeithas y Cymod, the Fellowship of Reconciliation in Wales. It has been supported by Carmarthen Town Council and produced by the National Library of Wales. The White Book, which can be signed by anyone, contains a simple declaration:

'Yr wyf i, drwy dorry fy enw yn y Llyfr Gwyn, yn ymrwymo i weithio dros heddwch yn y byd.'
'By signing my name in the Llyfr Gwyn, I commit myself to work for peace in the world.'

The Swansea Meeting event will be introduced by Mererid Hopwood of Cymdeithas y Cymod. the Lord Mayor of Swansea, Councillor Dennis James will open the signing. This will be followed by readings from local poets and writers Stevie Krayer, Nigel Jenkins, Philliip Gross, Alhaji Karmara and Howard Ingham. There will be songs of peace, and creative listening, ending with audience signing of the White Book. )


My subversive co-religionists are at it again - undermining the very basis of law and order as conceived of by the British Empire - the word ' empire ' actually just means ' rule ' and implies those places where an authority imposes its own sense of law and order : it was Henry VIII who necessarily had to declare that England was an empire in order to deny the authority of the Holy Roman Emperor and of the Papacy in order to be able to declare his divorce(s) legal by making himself both the head of the state and the head of the church. The logical and necessary consequence of this was that Wales had to cease to be a separate state and its church had to be forcibly separated from the Papacy. Whilst he gave the Welsh an MP for each borough and county empowered to protest about what he was doing to them in Westminster, in the " Henry VIII clause " he reserved to himself the right to impose taxes etc on this sub-domain of the English realm and make laws in the ' Principality of Wales ' without having to submit them to Parliament as he had to do in England itself. From the Welsh point of view, Henry VIII not only then proceeded to steal everything that his ' Council of Wales and the Marches ' could find that was worth taking - in the eyes of deeply pious Catholics in Wales who had no help from Parliament and only the Pope to appeal to who now excommunicated them - on and off, along with the impious English church which they received their sacrements from - they were not only living through hell on earth but they were now furthermore according to Catholic teaching upon the sacraments condemned to an eternity in the hell below by their criminal king who held himself to be above all laws, mundane and heavenly. These were the circumstances in which Republicanism first took root in Wales - and these circumstances still persist, because despite various constitutional changes over the centuries the basis of the present political system was created in those times and UK governments still hold themselves unaccountable to the rule of law - and by that I mean to include the Welsh Government as well : Wales is the only country in the world amongst countries that are supposedly democratic to have a legislature and executive without even a corresponding judiciary - let alone the fact that in the UK the judiciaries are not possessed of the power to hold the legislature and executive to account ( except in the Isle of Man - not part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland but subject to the British Monarchy as part of its empire : so why can't the Welsh have the same sort of 18th century political constitution as the Manx ? Why are we still stuck in the 16th century ??? We are worse of than North Korea constitutionally ... )


I ought to point out that almost any independently minded person is now deemed to be subversive in Wales : I only want to play up the fact that since our politicians are so dodgy we need to crank up the level of moral criticism and the obvious platform for this what remains of organised religion - not to mention encouraging all of these disorganised religious sentiments expressed as neo-paganisms to acquire a political focus for their concerns about the environment. I guess that the most independent but organised people are these -


26/10/2012 Tutu Signs Peace Book

" At a time when militarism is rampant in our country, there’s been cause to cheer this week. ... "We were able to arrange to take the White Book to Plasmawr School at short notice," said Mererid. "Our debt to the school is great. Archbishop Tutu's address to the pupils was inspirational. He spoke clearly against militarism, beseeching states that promote the arms trade to change their ways. He said that a very small fraction of spending on weapons and war can provide clean water and adequate home for ALL the world's children." ... Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones sat alongside him as the Archbishop spoke. Tutu’s message has inspired all who work for peace. "

( Carwyn the First has of course been trying to fund the restarting of the South Wales economy by getting the military to invest in St Athan's expansion ... )
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