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White, Red, Green - The Welsh / Welch Regiment

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:56 pm    Post subject: White, Red, Green - The Welsh / Welch Regiment Reply with quote

I have long suspected that the Welsh Republican Movement flag had its origins in a British Army source but in not being into militaria I just do not come across this sort of stuff casually ... eventually somebody pointed out that I had accidentally included a pith helmet in a photo I took of a flag in a museum cabinet and it had a flash on its side " White, Red, Green " so I went back to Cardiff Castle's military museum who directed me to go visit Brecon barracks' museum where they were very nice to me despite the fact that I explained to them that I am an Internationalist and therefore I am a Pacifist therefore I am a Republican and utterly opposed to everything which they have sworn to defend etc etc etc and we exchanged a lot of stories and jokes and they took me into the back room to search for the article which explains the origins of " White, Red, Green " and then sold me these postcards see ... enough said ? ... But when did this flip-over happen ... the youth movement " Y Byddin Cymru " ? ... Urdd Gobaith Cymru was founded in 1922 and they adopted the same White, Red, Green order for their triangular symbol ( which became Mr Urdd ) but could they have already been inheriting this ( through the new scouting movement ? ) from a 19c use of it - or perhaps even more likely did it become widely known during World War One when such military objects as flags, sashes and flashes became more well known to civilians ?

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 7:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Post Script - A Little Note about The Royal Welch Goat ... here is The Royal Family of Welch Goats on The Orme - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZWxlxrIWus


" ... The tradition of having goats in the military originated in 1775, when a wild goat walked onto the battlefield in Boston during the American Revolutionary War and led the Welsh regimental colours at the end of the Battle of Bunker Hill ... The royal goat herd was originally obtained from Mohammad Shah Qajar, Shah of Persia from 1834 to 1848, when he presented them to Queen Victoria as a gift in 1837 upon her accession to the throne ... The herd thrived on Llandudno's Great Orme; by 2001 they reached a population of 250, and were in danger of running out of food. Following complaints about goats wandering into people's gardens, the council rejected proposals for a cull, deciding to use a combination of rehoming and birth control. RSPCA marksmen tranquilised nannies and inserted contraceptive progesterone implants to control the numbers of the genetically unique breed. By 2007, 85 goats had been relocated to areas including Kent, Yorkshire, the Brecon Beacons and Somerset, but further efforts were interrupted by an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. ... "

There are no native Kashmir goats - they are all immigrants and UKIP's supporters plan to repatriate them all ... as soon as their membership in Wales have explained why they themselves have immigrated into a country where they now refuse to learn our language or eat our food ... although to be honest I myself have still not got the hang of talkin Kairdiffyan nor of sucking out the contents of a Cark's pie in order to eat the soggy crust ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cashmere_goat

Many non-native goats have tried to join Wales' regiments as a means to try to immigratiate themselves with The Welsh - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGsL2Q7EV_s

http://www.snowdoniamammals.co.uk/mammals/identification/feralgoatid.html - Theie Reallie Welshie Goatsie Breedie - Seesie ? - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Primitive_goat

The British primitive goat is a landrace of domestic goat native to Great Britain and Ireland, and is the original goat of the region. It is considered a rare breed, existing as several, isolated feral herds, as some captive populations in zoological parks and nature reserves, and breeding stock on some private farms operated by groups of rare-breed enthusiasts. As few as 1,200 individual British primitives may remain ... most of them supporting Wrexham ... The breed is comparatively small, with commensurately low milk production. It is hardy and wiry haired, adapted to rough terrain and weather, and able to subsist and breed on its own without human intervention. ... and supports Wrexham ... Until the late 18th century, there were at least one million British primitives in Scotland and Northern England, and half a million in Ireland. It was the only variety of goat established in the British Isles up until that era. The native goat became less and less popular as agricultural practices shifted, because of their small size, coarse hair, and large horns. By the time of the 1870s resurgence in goat-keeping, foreign hornless breeds from India, the Middle East, and Switzerland began to dominate, with shorter, smoother coats, and greater milk production, forming the basis of the modern, standardised breeds of the British Isles. ... which support Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea etc ...

... The primitive variety would have become extinct in the UK had some not escaped or been turned loose to form feral populations. Due to both displacement by non-indigenous goats and conversion of hilltop grazing land into softwood plantations, these feral herds have long been in decline. ... These numbers have been reduced further by more recent large-scale culls of as many as 1,200 goats at a time. Some farm groups and zoos have created projects to help preserve a viable population of the British primitive. ... Today, feral herds exist in Northumberland, Snowdonia, and the Black Mountains, as well as on Lundy Island. There are smaller groups in Somerset and on the Isle of Wight. Scotland has a larger population, most of them deep in the Highlands. ... and possibly support Rangers ...

... The typical British primitive is described as deep bodied, with a square frame and broad shoulders and back. Its legs are shorter than its body depth, and have been observed to be bony, short, and straight. The goat normally has a long body and a neck that is frequently thick and short, a rounded belly and loins that are broad and deep. The breast bone is always projected forward ... A British primitive's head tapers towards a fine muzzle, and contains a prominent frontal bone with a broad forehead. A concave face appears to be due to a dip or stop at the point where the forehead meets the face. The goat's ears are usually round, small, and upright. A buck's ears are smaller than those of a doe. Due to horn growth, the ears may be directed forwards. The beard of the British primitive is a key feature of the breed in both sexes and is always present. ... WELL IT DOES GO ON A BIT - BASICALLY YOUR AUTHENTIC WELSH GOAT IS A SMALL SCRUFFY SMELLY LITTLE BEAST AND THEREFORE VERY SHY BUT ALSO POTENTIALLY VERY AGGRESSIVE AFTER HALF A PINT OF SHANDY - PROVIDED HIS MATES ARE THERE TO HOLD HIM BACK ... A LOT OF THEM WERE TRANSPORTED TO AUSTRALIA FOR THIS BACK IN THE 19C AND TURNED INTO SHEEP ... THEY GAVE THE DIGGERS OUT THERE A LOT OF TROUBLE THOUGH ...


... The horns of a British primitive normally form a "scimitar" or "dorcas" twist. The horns emerge high and parallel with the line of the forehead. The horns are thick at the base, and are often wide apart. A doe's horns range from scimitar to twisted, but are normally smaller and thinner. Individual of the breed are sometimes naturally polled (hornless), but it is not a very common characteristic. ... Common colour patterns in British primitives include white, tan, wild patterning, badger-face, grey, light-belly, black, red cheek, mahogany, and face mask. Reverse stripes, belts, and spotting (pied) are also present in these goats. ... AND THAT IS REALLY THE BIT THAT I WANTED TO POINT OUT - THAT THE WELCH REGIMENT CHOOSE FOREIGN ROYALIST GOATS BECAUSE OF THEIR COLOUR - WHITE ... WHITE AS THE " WELSH " COLOUR HAS A VERY LONG HISTORY, AND HERE IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF IT BEING PREFERRED ... But there are a few genuine White Welsh Goats left which could apply to be The Welch White Goat : here is one which Thomas Pennant sketched on A Tour in Wales circa 1780 - so I think that this was too early for him to have had any Romantic intentions towards it, but later on The People in Wales fell in love with goats as a symbol of being both Welsh and Free - Because of Not Being Bound By The English Law supposedly.

The last bit of Wales to be conquered - the last bit of " Cymru Rydd " - was basically Gwynedd and it seems that its flag was an heraldic pun on the root-word of its name - Gwyn-edd can be glossed as " The Holy Land " if you like, and the last place that the possibly white-clad druids took a stand against the Roman invaders was on Anglesey i.e. Ynys Mon ... and the royal capital on that island off Gwynedd at Aberffrau supposedly handed out WHITE linen shirts and GREEN breeks to its retainers - hence when Henry Tudor came along he cunningly used RED+WHITE+GREEN by sticking Y Ddraig Goch on a white over green flag invoking allsorts of sweet historical associations ... but before he did this Owain Glyndwr had already stuck to the probably more authentic tradition by raising The Golden Dragon on Y Faner Wen ... but long before this the Roman legions had been marching around in " The Roman Colours " of " Red, White and Green " which were apparently the colours of the three tribes which came together to found Rome ... three tribes which came from three different neighbouring nationalities ... and the bottom line is : The Welsh believe that their national colours most probably originate from a battle in which they advanced across a field from which they plucked the flowering leeks planted there to wear as their emblem in what became an important victory which thus established forever the colours of The Leek - with its taste putting dragon-fire into their mouths - as The National Colours of Wales : the GREEN leaves - the WHITE stem - the PURPLE flower - hence invoking the image of The Roman Dragon - the fluttering wind-sock like banner with the harmonica in its head - " Y Ddraig Piws " ...



... you ought to trust me on this one about The ( Purple ) Leek you know - but I know that you will not ... the reason why England and Scotland and Ireland get a flower here is because they are kingdoms and therefore taken seriously by middle class people who aspire to like flowers because they think that upper class people like flowers ( actually the upper classes employ consultants to advise them upon what they do or do not like - they used to actually employ servants to do this, but were advised that it was neither tax-efficient nor fashionable to retain old retainers on account of paying them pensions.) Wales on the other hand is full of people who aspire to - or profess to aspire to - like work because they think that working class people like work and therefore Wales is not a kingdom and therefore in fact not even a real country in the opinion of The Supreme Court of The United Kingdom and therefore The Welsh Person Who Is Therefore Potentially Always A Criminal Therefore is pre-emptively anticipated herein in his or her Treasonous Feloniality by being represented as a vegetable with his or her head cut off ... either that just or in case " The Purple Headed Leek " is an allusion to something very improper ...


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PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There be 5 possibilities:

Regimental Goats be free born citizens

Regimental Goats be furringers

Goats be going through the Nationalization process. Some have completed the process and are free born, others have not completed the process yet.

The BEST nationalization process would be for a goat to achieve Citizenship within a year and a day.

Goats are intelligent. Humans will probably need longer.
Liberty - Equality - Fraternity : Aux armes, Citoyens !

War is Politics by other Methods - General von Clausewitz
Politics is War by other Methods - Some guy on the Internet
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


We ought to start a thread on goats !

There is actually quite a lot to write about the subject - you know Dr William Price promoted them - but why exactly ?

I have that photograph of the goat statue in at the back of the old Glamorgan County Hall to put up ...

... there are those folk songs about counting goats ... there must be myths about goats ... care to start this new thread ? ... or do we continue on this one ?
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