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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2014 3:30 am    Post subject: ' Y GYMRAES ' & ' Y FRYTHONES ' Reply with quote

( I'm thinking here of your sensibilities Marianne - ) I'm just writing an email to Geth talking about Evan Jones' grave in Groes Wen and mentioning ' Y Gymraes ' - a magazine which he founded in reaction to the criticism of Welsh women in ' The Blue Books ' - so I will just paste a some of it here :


This report caused outrage among Welsh women when published in 1847. ... " They learn anything but delicacy of thought and feeling and when they grow to womanhood and marry, they know next to nothing of the management of a house. ... " As wives they are most slovenly and improvident, and as mothers, ignorant, and injudicious." ... These three commissioners were English, spoke no Welsh, and relied heavily on the testimony and opinion of Anglican clergymen for their information. ... As a result, the non-conformist minister Evan Jones founded the women's magazine, ' Y Gymraes.' He aimed to show how wrong the accusations of the Blue books were and he produced statistics to show the number of illegitimate children in Wales was no higher than in England. ... Evan Jones tried to promote a more respectable way of life for Welsh women. Y Gymraes was full of articles on religion, marriage, and morality, as well as housekeeping and cooking advice. ... The monthly magazine came to an end after just two years because of a lack of support. Over 20 years later, the women of Wales again had their own publication once again. In 1879, Y Frythones (The Female Briton) appeared, edited by Sarah Jane Rees (Cranogwen). ... When Y Frythones came to an end in 1891, it was decided to revive Y Gymraes. The first issue of the new Gymraes appeared in 1896, edited by Alice Gray Jones (Ceridwen Peris), and continued until December 1934.



Yes, I know that Evan Jones ( Iauan Mynydd ) might not be viewed as so sympathetic to Welsh women, to have jumped on that particular bandwagon to stand upon to thump his tub but ... it was the middle of the 19c ...

http://wbo.llgc.org.uk/en/s-JONE-EVA-1820.html ... amongst others he wrote for ' The Standard of Freedom ' ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Cassell
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