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YR AWEN & the " unfinished " pyramid

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PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2014 10:00 pm    Post subject: YR AWEN & the " unfinished " pyramid Reply with quote


" Yr Awen " can be thought of as " The Muse " of Republicanism in Wales, and is often represented thus " /l\ " which may represent three rays of the sun : think of a sunburst emerging from a cloud - the sun was a common symbol of The Enlightenment in France and Republicanism in Wales is or rather was more slanted towards Republicanism in France than Republicanism in England which historically was more slanted towards Repblicanism in the United States of America by virtue of the shared language of English. In the 1790s a number of Republicans in Wales enthused over the French Revolution and some even hoped that the French would liberate Wales from the United Kingdom's grasp - these people were sneered at as " Repwbligwyr " which has associations of them being mad dangerous dreamers and potentially traitors who would bring disorder to Wales and thus disgrace to their fellow countrymen and therefore trouble from the rulers of the United Kingdom.

More conventional advocates of political reform were careful to call themselves " Gweriniaethwyr " and portray themselves as sturdy, honest and wholesomely loyal to their King, to his government and to the Church of England - and they were most certainly not druids ! Neo-Druidism was a Welsh way of expressing their suppressed Republicanism, drawn from those writings of Hobbes, Voltaire and Rouseau which advocated the idea of propagating the values of the Enlightenment through the practice of a state civic religion : in the atmosphere of persecution and paranoia which pervaded the 1790s the stonemason, antiquarian, poet, preacher, Tribune of The People and general rabble-rouser Iolo Morganwg was the vibrant Welsh equivilent of the English artist, poet and printer William Blake who practised the same sort of thing but a little more quietly because he was much closer to the centre of the storm which engulfed a whole generation. " Yr Awen " in its modern conception was the creation of Iolo Morganwg.

The origins of the " unfinished " pyramid on the Great Seal of the United States of America have been much debated but for my limited amount of money the symbol ultimately derives from the 1776 pamphlet by John Cartwright called " Take Your Choice ! " and I have already written about that here -


- but I decided to not waste the following comments made in two emails to another by starting this thread with them because they are more to do with the Awen.


Well you know the creative process : we set out without a clue and miraculously it appears ?

Over the years I have increasingly felt that I am just following where I am led by the - Awen ?

It is scary at times : am I being Methodistically predestined to be a martyr for this cause ?

Have you noticed the similarity between the Welsh muse " Awen " and English " Amen " - ?

Have you noticed the similarity between the Awen's " /l\ " and the Prince of Wales' " \l/ " - ?

= total opposition to the Prince of Wales, who supported the Radicals until he got his cash ?

One reason why I like Iolo Morganwg is that his sneaky sense of humour greatly amuses me.

----------------------- [ Well you might as well all read the whole context of the next bit - a warning against blindly following either persons or symbols.]

" ... another way to interpet Iolo Morganwg's symbol " /l\ " which he denotes as the " Awen " is to look at the " unfinished " pyramid on the USA's seal as it appears on the $ bill - it is not " unfinished " actually because it derives from a mid 18c Republican leaflet which began with a discussion of the existing pyramidical structure of the monarchical political system and then argued that the top of it - the monarchy - should be replaced by " Obedience to God not the King ! " That is why there is the " Eye in the Triangle " symbol over the " unfinished " pyramid, which is sometimes likened to the Tower of Babel in that the USA at its inception had a diverse population speaking several different languages ( including Welsh.) In theory the USA has never instituted an officially recognised language, although some Anglo-phone Americans are now trying to make English the official and only recognised language of the USA by passing laws to make it so. What we need in Wales is a law to refuse to give that superior official status to any language - English, Welsh or gobbledigook : the object of using any form of communication is to reach mutual understanding - which is why striving for a new Welsh Language Act is arguably going to put Cymraeg at risk of becoming like Latin ; much praised and loudly advocated by those who associate themselves with it because of its imagined status - and nobody uses it other than in a garbled form for Harry Potter films.

Mistar Urdd, as I have pointed out to you before, is a Welsh version of the " unfinished " pyramid symbol where the white ( !!! ) top of the pyramid was originally denoted to mean that the Welsh nation should be placed directly under " The Rule of God " and not the rule of the monarchy. O M* quietly dropped his public advocacy of ( white ) Republicanism within months of the launch of the Urdd because he decided that it was putting people off joining.

[ * I didn't bother to check my facts whilst I was writing this off the top of my head : I now think that I am actually talking about his son Ifan ab Owen Edwards - http://www.urdd.org/adran.php?tud=348&uwch=18&lng=en ]

People in the 21c may not be happy about this strong connection between Religion and Politics in Republicanism and may prefer to dismiss it as merely an historical phase which it passed through, but the thing to understand is that what Republicans object to is that any one ideology should be allowed to predominate and then others be declared to be heresies.

If you can understand that modern " political " ideologies are in fact nothing more than the contemporary " religious " convictions of our own era then you can immediately understand the consistency of Republicanism over the centuries in having objected to any and all sorts of extremist ideologies which have been cited to justify doing violence to others. You can see by analogy to religious cults that Sinn Fein in their ardent denunciation of other Republicans in Ireland such as Fianna Fail are exactly like those extremist religious sects which go around denouncing everybody else as heretics. " Real Sinn Fein " are just splitters ! All of such sects are dependent upon blind obedience to charismatic leaders who can thus never be removed and their political analyses can never run deeper than chanting slogans and pinning on tin badges and waving flags .. ok ... I like MY flag - but it is still a rag on stick to me, not a political argument : look what the 1950s WRM's flag is now associated with !!! ... "


" The Eye in the Triangle " is often alleged to be some sort of conspiratorial symbol - often attributed to " The Illuminati " - but it had been around for centuries in Christianity : " The Eye of Providence " was a commonplace symbol for an all seeing god watching over us, both as our loving protector and also as the judge of our behaviour and thus the punisher of those who harmed us. The triangle, often golden and rayed like the sun and thus referring in itself to god's splendour etc, was in Christianity a symbol of The Trinitarian godhead of Father, Son and Holy Spirit - but by analogy of god ruling the heavens and a government ruling their proprietal portion of Christendom this also came to symbolise the separation of the three powers of the state for Religious i.e. Renaissance Republicans of the period notionally 1450-1650 and - off the top of my head - I think that was the either conceived of as the Legislature, Judiciary and Executive or the three relationships between them.

That of course is an archaic political theory that has been a long time dead and thoroughly discarded in the United Kingdom's god-forsaken Demonocracy.
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